Filling the speciality gaps?

Interesting to see who is stepping in to fill some of the gaps in the speciality distribution market after the contraction of studio divisions, including the likely pull-back of Focus Features discussed in my last post. CBS Films, for example, is distributing the new Coen brothers production, Inside Llewyn Davis, in the US. This is the latest incarnation of the film division of the CBS broadcast network, created in its current form in 2007 (previous ventures into the theatrical feature business by CBS include a brief venture in the late 1960s, one contributor to the overproduction of that period that resulted in a financial crisis for the studios)

inside llewyn davis poster

Most of the films it has handled today seem broadly to lie within speciality domain, previous examples including Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) and Seven Psychopaths (2012), although its website seems to suggestion an intention to include a wider range, including more genre-oriented material. Certainly seems likely that the reduced investment in this territory by divisions of the Hollywood majors is likely to open up more space for players of this kind, along with those not associated with such large other media interests. A space worth watching, I think.

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