Digital knocked by Nolan, but not by those who can’t afford anything else

Christopher Nolan has been bashing digital filmmaking, as he’s rather accustomed to do. There’s an interesting response to this from some indie filmmakers canvassed by the Latin Heat Entertainment website, here. The gist is that they put Nolan’s comment – that digital is ‘devaluing what we do as filmmakers’ – to several Latino indie writers/directors. The response wasn’t very much in his favour overall, particularly in the dismissive tone he seems sometimes to adopt. And for most the bottom line seems to be a simple one: that they don’t always have the luxury to be able to afford celluloid and would rather work on digital than not at all. Some unfavourable comparisons might also be made between some of Nolan’s most mainstream studio work and what some filmmakers – Latino or otherwise – have achieved digitally on minuscule budgets.

Hmm. How big exactly is my budget this time?


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